Gran Canaria Car Hire

To really get the most from your visit to Gran Canaria and explore the beautiful mountainous interior, you will need to rent a car.

Most Car Rental Companies will require that the Driver is at least 21 Years old and has held a License for a minimum of two years. Licenses from all EU countries are accepted and most companies will also accept US and Canadian Licenses. Holders of licenses from other countries should check beforehand.

The Roads

Las Palmas, the Airport and the Resorts in the South are all connected by Motorway, however the interior is interconnected with (often quite tight) winding mountain roads. The surfaces of main roads are generally very well-maintained throughout the Island.


If you are planning to take a trip to one of the other Islands by Car Ferry, you should consult the Car Rental Firm beforehand to check that you can take the Car with you. Many Companies do not allow you to take the Car off the Island.

Collision Damage Waiver/Franquicia

There is some variation among Car Rental Companies’ definition of “Full Insurance”, so you should ask if there is a Franquicia/Excess.

While you may be told that you will only need to pay the excess in case of an accident where you are at fault, there are many circumstances where you would also need to pay. The most common situations are where a thief has broken into a rented Car and has broken a window or lock. The person renting the Car would be liable for this damage (along with any part of the car that was stolen). Another common situation is where a Hired Car is damaged while parked, again the liability would be with the person who hired the car.

We recommend that you take the Super Collision Damage Waiver option so that you have peace of mind on your holiday.


There is considerable variation in prices depending on the time of year (low/high season) and the company. Although a good deal can often be found if you shop around in the resort, with the big international firms, it is generally much cheaper to book in advance over the internet.
If you are planning your trip for High Season (Christmas or August), you should definitely book in advance as most companies will be booked up (or charge a heavy premium).