Gran Canaria is an absolute Mecca for Windsurfers, not only has it produced one of the Greatest Windsurfers in the History of the Sport – Bjorn Dunkerbeck, it also regularly hosts PWA Tour Events. Along with Dunkerbeck, the Island has produced a dizzying array of World-class Windurfers and attracts many others to base themselves here for training.

The Trade Winds ensure Windsurfing Conditions throughout the year, with the wind during the summer months being especially consistent and strong. Numerous Surf Schools and all of the facilities of a well-developed Tourist Destination make Gran Canaria a great place for both the complete beginner and professional alike.

Windsurf Locations
Pozo Izquierdo
This legendary spot was discovered by Bjorn Dunkerbeck and it is where he developed his craft. The combination of wind and waves at Pozo Izquierdo mean that it hosts World Championship Events every year. The Agro-industrial backdrop with it’s wind-turbines, warehouses and abandoned buldings may not be the subtropical paradise that you were expecting though!

There are several other locations, mostly on the South-east coast, that offer a variety of conditions (including flat water that is suitable for beginners) such as Arinaga, Bahia Feliz and Playa del Aguila.

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