How expensive is Gran Canaria?

Prices for most items that affect the visiting tourist are typically lower in Gran Canaria than in the UK or Ireland, and this is especially true for alcohol, making nighttime entertainment particularly affordable. The Southern resorts (Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogan etc.) are a little more expensive than elsewhere on the island, and you won’t find the same bargain-basement offers for food and drinks that can be found in comparable places elsewhere in the Canaries.

Gran Canaria Drinks Prices

How much does a restaurant meal cost in Gran Canaria?

As previously mentioned, restaurant prices in the southern resort towns (Maspalomas, Puerto de Mogan etc.) can be a little pricier than in the other Canary Islands. A three-course meal with fillet steaks for two with a bottle of wine typically costs about €100 in a mid-range Spanish restaurant (cheaper outside the resorts). There are, of course, cheaper or more expensive options, and you can still find Chinese meals for two with drinks for less than €40, or a pizza meal for two with wine for about €50. At lunchtime, there are often Menu del Día offers with three small courses and a drink for about €12.

Bar Prices

Large beers typically cost between €2.50 and €3, though there are some places offering large beers for as little as €1.50. Spirit and mixer drinks (G&T, Rum and Coke etc.) usually cost between €5 and €7. Cocktails start at about €10 in a fancy cocktail bar, with cheaper deals available in most bars.

Taxi Prices in Gran Canaria

Taxis are very affordable inside an urban area (tarifa urbana), with most local journeys around a resort costing less than €5. However, once you leave the urban area, the price on the meter can ramp up very quickly even if not travelling very far.

Airport – Playa del Ingles: €40
Airport – Maspalomas: €45
Airport – Puerto Rico: €60
Airport – Puerto de Mogan: €72
Airport – Las Palmas: €29
A pre-booked airport transfer may be a cheaper option for getting to your hotel.

Transfers from Gran Canaria Airport to your Accommodation

Sunbeds and Parasols

It costs between €7.50 and €12 per day to rent two sunbeds and a beach umbrella depending on which resort town you are in.

Gran Canaria Supermarket Prices

The following are some sample supermarket prices from a larger supermarket in the South (September 2022).

Milk 1 litre UHT: €1.00
Orange Juice 1 litre: €1.25
Coca Cola 1.5 litre: €1.19
Water 5 litre: €1.07
Corn Flakes 375g: €2.08
Coffee 500g ground: €2.25
6 Eggs: €1.24
Shower gel 750ml: €1.23
Toothpaste Colgate: €1.70
Nivea Sunscreen 400ml: €13.35
33cl Heineken Can: €0.62
33cl Spanish Beer Can (Mahou): €0.56
Bottle Rioja Crianza (Beronia): €7.39
Bottle Gin 1 Litre (Gordon’s): €11.45
Bottle Scotch 1L Johnnie Walker Black Label : €26.90
Bottle Cava: €6.78

Tobacco Prices

Cigarettes and tobacco products cost less in the Canary Islands than elsewhere in Spain (and most of Western Europe) due to the islands’ special tax status. In supermarkets, a carton of 200 cigarettes typically cost between €30 and €40 depending on the brand. Loose tobacco (Amber Leaf) costs roughly €100 – €110 for a 10x50g pack. There have been reports of counterfeit cigarettes being sold in some of the cheap specialist alcohol and tobacco shops, so if in doubt, it may be better to stick to the big supermarkets.

Price of Car Hire in Gran Canaria

The cost of renting a small car for a week at the airport ranges between about €120 in low season and €240 in peak season. Click here to compare car rental prices.

Fuel Prices in Gran Canaria

Petrol and diesel prices are considerably lower in the Canary Islands than in the rest of Spain and Western Europe due to the Canary Islands’ special tax regime. That said, prices can vary considerable from one petrol station to another on the island – by up to €0.36 per litre between the cheapest and most expensive. The La Provincia newspaper maintains a list of up-to-date pump prices for all service stations in Gran Canaria here.

The Spanish government are currently (September 2022) subsiding fuel by €0.20 per litre. This deduction is not reflected in the price that you see on the pump, and is only applied after you have put fuel in your car and are in the process of paying at the counter.

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