Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico is literally built into the cliffs on either side of a steep-sided Valley, with the resort starting to spread into the neighbouring Canyons as well!
It is quite impressive-looking, although the many steep footpaths would make life difficult for anyone with mobility problems. Fortunately, the resort is relatively small, making uphill Taxi and Bus Journeys short and economical.

Puerto Rico Beach

The floor of the Valley is dominated by Commercial Centres, with Shops, Bars and Restaurants, as well as some well-kept Municipal Gardens. At the mouth of the Valley is a well-sheltered artificial Beach and Harbour (with a lovely Marina just around the corner in the next Valley).
To the west of the resort (walking distance), lies another, more recently constructed, artificial beach – Playa Amadores, which is also sheltered by jetties.

Puerto Rico attracts a mainly British and Irish Crowd, along with some Germans and other Europeans. The local Water Park along with the multiple Marine Excursions, sheltered Beaches and Water Sports make the resort a popular choice for Families.

Distance from the Airport: 48km

How to get to Puerto Rico from the Airport