Road in Gran Canaria

There are three companies that operate public buses in Gran Canaria: Guaguas Municipales – the operator of the municipal bus service in the city of Las Palmas, Guaguas Guzmán – who operate 5 routes near Galdar in the North-west of the island, and Global – who operate the majority of the longer island-wide routes. The word guagua means bus in the Canary Islands (not in mainland Spain), and its origin is either a corruption of the English word ‘Wagon’, a reference to Wa & Wa Co. Inc. (who exported buses to Cuba in the late 19th century), or simply an onomatopoeia based on the sound that bus horns make.

Paying for your Bus Ticket in Gran Canaria

While there are some rechargeable RFID payment cards available, these are mainly aimed at island residents (a substantial discount is available to residents), and these cards are photo identified and require a time-consuming application process. Users can now pay using contactless smartphone and debit cards on the Global SU routes, however, users may still have to pay using cash on other routes.

Seeing Gran Canaria by Public Bus

While a visitor can make use of Global’s public bus service to visit nearly every coastal town or village on the island, it would be a lot more difficult to visit the villages and scenic locations of the mountainous interior using public transport. For this reason, we recommend that you hire a car if you want to do any mountain hiking or visit Roque Nublo.

Getting to your resort from the Airport

Unlike some of the other Canary Islands, Gran Canaria has an excellent public bus service from the airport to the major tourist resorts. The service even runs through the night to Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés, and from 4am to Puerto de Mogan. If you want the convenience of being dropped off at your hotel, then a pre-booked airport transfer is also an option.

Transfers from Gran Canaria Airport to your Accommodation


Rather than link to every single bus route timetable, we have linked below to the routes that are most commonly used by tourists, and to the bus operator’s websites.

Route 1 – Las Palmas to Puerto de Mogan via Gran Canaria Airport, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Arguineguin and Puerto Rico.

Route 5 – Las Palmas to Maspalomas via Gran Canaria Airport, San Agustin and Playa del Ingles.

Route 50 – Las Palmas to Maspalomas Direct.

Route 60 – Las Palmas to Gran Canaria Airport Direct.

Route 66 – Gran Canaria Airport to Maspalomas via San Agustin and Playa del Ingles

Route 90 – Telde to Maspalomas via Gran Canaria Airport (some buses go as far as Puerto Rico, Tauro and Playa del Cura).

Route 91 – Las Palmas to Puerto de Mogan via Gran Canaria Airport, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico and Playa de Amadores.

Route 103 – Las Palmas to Puerto de las Nieves (Agaete)

The rest of Global’s routes and timetables can be found here.

Guaguas Municipales routes and timetables can be found here.

Guaguas Guzmán’s routes and timetables can be found here.

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64 Responses

  1. Joseph Connell

    Do routes 66 and 90 from airport to maspalomas run on New Year’s Day 2023? 1st Jan?

    • admin

      Hi, The number 1 bus leaves Puerto de Mogan at 02:40 and stops at Maspalomas Bus Station on the way to the Airport.
      If you are staying at a hotel, you are probably better off booking a transfer at that time of the morning since it would pick you up from outside the hotel:

  2. Anthea Slater

    What times do buses run between maspalomas and San Bartholome

  3. Martin Robarts

    Hi, is there still a bus leaving Cruz de Tejeda at 17:30 each weekday, arriving Vega de San Mateo at 18:05?

    Hola, ¿todavía hay un autobús que sale de Cruz de Tejeda a las 17:30 todos los días laborables y llega a Vega de San Mateo a las 18:05?

  4. Benny Strand

    What timetabel are bus 66 to airport going on Saturday 18/3, will karneval effect where it stops in Playa De Ingles?

    Will 10,30 and 11,30 leaving at normal time? Does it stop at Plaza Arucas?

    • admin

      Hi, The carnaval parade is at 17:00, so I can’t image that there will be any disruption to the bus at 10:30 or 11:30.

    • admin

      Hi, I could be wrong, but I have never seen one, so I presume that there is no book as such.

  5. J Connell

    Dear sirs, I will be visiting Las Palmas for two months later this year with my partner and we are presently planning our stay in the area. It’s particularly important that we get hold of a map of the bus routes in Las Palmas and Gran Canaria if possible. This info is available online but we don’t seem able to download and print off to a satisfactory standard. Can you advise who we should contact to get a copy of the maps sent to us.

    • admin

      Hi, You should be able to download the .PDF files and print them to a very high standard. I doubt if anyone will post you a timetable, but you could try contacting Global through their customer support form.

  6. Philipp

    Hi there, is there a chance of getting an info about the travel-time from A to B?
    For example Faro De Maspalomas Santa Catalina (Route 30).
    Knowing how long this will take would be great for planning our trip to Poema del Mar.

    On the timetables I can only see the departure time or did I miss something?

    • admin

      Hi, That journey from Maspalomas to Santa Catalina takes about an hour by bus. As far as I know, only departure times are published.

  7. Joe Smith

    Is there a weekly travel pass that tourists can buy for travelling around the island ? And at what cost ?

  8. Lucy

    What times are the bus to Puerto Rico from patacalava on a Sunday? And return.

    • admin

      Hi, The no.1 bus stops at Patalavaca and runs every 30 minutes during the day on a Sunday, and then roughly every hour after 19:40. The last one leaves Puerto de Mogan at 23:40.
      Please see the article above for links to the timetables.

  9. Jackie Smith

    I would like to ask if there is a bus from Gran Canaria airport that will take us to Playa Taurito please? If so which number is it.

    • admin

      Hi, There aren’t many – some no.1 buses and some no.91 buses do stop at Taurito (see links above for timetables), however most do not.
      If the times do not correspond with your flights, you are probably better off getting a bus to Puerto de Mogan and then getting a Taxi from there, or booking a transfer:

  10. Anthony


    Have to travel between playa de tasarte and mogan shall be there for 10 days. Can anyone help with time table, where the bus actually stops etc
    Thank you

  11. Ricky Hill

    Hello I would like some help. I want to go to the poema del Mar aquarium however me and my friend don’t want to go with the tour guide so we’re going off on our own. We’re staying at the Princess hotel and I just need help getting the bus from our hotel to Poama Del Mar Aquarium

    • admin

      Hi, You should first get the no.1 or no.5 Global Bus from Playa del Ingles to the San Telmo Bus station in Las Palmas (I presume that your hotel is the Gran Canaria Primcess in Playa del Ingles?).
      Once in Las Palmas, get the local municipal bus (Guaguas Municipales) no. 1 or no.12 to Agustín Millares Sall (Mapfre building near the port).

  12. Rob Nurse

    we are running in the las Palmas night run on the 21/09/2023. As we are staying at Playa del Ingles we wish to know if there is a bus service at night on that Saturday and how late do they run.

  13. Karen Richardson

    Hi, we need to get to Meloneras Golf Course to collect some lost property, from the bus stop at Clinica Roca. My son has got on 2 number 1 buses and a number 90 (on the correct side of the road) and been told they don’t stop at Cruse Pasito Blanca -or a stop anywhere near the golf course. Can you help please?

  14. Gayle

    We are staying in Taurito and we would like to do a day trip to Las Palmas how do we do this?

    • admin

      Hi, You will need to either get up very early and get the no.1 direct to Las Palmas (only the very early no.1 buses stop at Taurito), or get a no.32 to Playa del Ingles, and a no.1 from there to Las Palmas.
      You will need to study the timetables very carefully, as only some of these buses actually stop at Taurito.

  15. LUCY

    Hy, from Airport to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city, any bus after 20 o’clock, on a saturday, on February?! Thank you
    Buses timetables are all over the year the same or are change during winter time?!
    Thank you

    • admin

      Yes, there are still buses after 8pm (the no.1 bus). Timetables are the same throughout the year.

  16. Geoff

    I want to go to porto mogan from the bus station near Faro lighthouse which number do I need and does it go over the mountains or through the tunnell

  17. Anita

    Hi! Is there a bus from the airport to Arinaga and then From Arinaga to Maspalomas?
    Thank You

    • admin

      The No.1 bus stops at both the Airport and Cruce de Aranaga (you may need to get a taxi from there). The no.25 will take you to Maspalomas from Arinaga. There are some other routes, but they are less frequent.

  18. Gayle Whittle

    Hi which bus takes you from Catalina Park to Puerto Rico and how long. Thank you

  19. David Townsend

    hi.what bus will i need for staying at camping playa de vargas from airport and return,thank you Dave.

    • admin

      Hi, There are no bus routes that serve Camping Playa de Vargas – you would need to get a taxi or hire a car to get there.

  20. Mina

    Hi! Is there a bus from the airport to Playa del ingles and then From Playa del ingles to Maspalomas?
    Thank You

    • admin

      Hi, Buses such as the no.1 and no.66 stop at Playa del Ingles on the way to Maspalomas.

  21. Emma

    Hi, What bus/buses do I need to get from the airport to Tasarte ?
    I arrive about 3.30 on Monday afternoon.
    Thanks in advance

    • admin

      Hi, From what I can see, this is not possible to do by bus at the time you are due to arrive. The 38 and 86 bus routes serve Tasarte, but the frequency is very low, and doesn’t correspond with your arrival.

      • Emma

        Thank you for your response. I don’t mind waiting for the bus, do you know if there is a bus later in the day?

        • admin

          Hi, As far as I can see from the timetable, the only way for you to make this journey by bus in the afternoon, is to get the no.1 to Puerto de Mogan, then the no. 84 to Mogan, then the 38 from there to Tasarte. You can check the timetables on the website.

        • Lee bray

          We are traveling to Las palmas air port can we get to air port from our hotel as my wife is disabled

  22. Michelle Brown

    What time will the number 91 bus run on Christmas Day from the airport will they run normal or restricted times

    • admin

      Christmas Day is a holiday, so they will run the Sundays and Bank Holidays schedule.

  23. Tom

    Hello. My flights arrives jan 11th at 12.50am and I need to get to Apartamentos Ecuador in Playa del Ingles. Which bus is the best one for me and what’s the nearest stop to get off? Thank you

  24. Paula Withers

    How easy is it to travel by bus between Playa de Amadores and Playa Anfi? How frequent are the buses and how early in the morning/late in the evening do they run? Is it possible to buy a weekly pass?

    • admin

      Hi, It is quite easy: the stop for Anfi is called ‘Aguamarina’. The numbers 1 and 91 operate this route from early morning until late at night (see timetables linked above). There is no weekly pass.

    • admin

      Hi, No, not directly – if you mean the ‘Puerto De San Nicolás’ – you would need to change buses several times in order to get there (the 101 stops there), and it would take a few hours each way.

  25. Tamara j seaden

    Hi were travelling to maspalomas in march but would like to do parasailing at anfi beach what number bus and where do we catch it from please

  26. Gita

    Hello, we vant to make a bus trip from Las Palmas (San Telmo) to Maspalomas so that we would see also the mountains.
    We want to go from the bus somewhere in some village in the mountains from where we could make a walk (for about 1 hour or 1,5 hour) from where we could have a nice look to the Pico de las Neves or Roque Nublo or have some other nice wiews to the mountains.
    Than we would take another bus that would carry us to Mespalomas.
    From Mespalomas we would like to go in the evening back to Las Palmas (San Telmo) via La Garita – to see the east coast part of the island.
    We would ask you to reccomend us which busses to take.
    Thank you in advance, Brigita

    • admin

      Hi, What you are trying to do is a little difficult to be honest.
      You would need to get a 229 to Teror, then a 220 from Teror to Tejeda. Then an 18 from Tejeda to Maspalomas.
      Some of these are very infrequent, so any issue with the bus would mean a very expensive taxi.
      Finally, to get to La Garita, you would need to return to Las Palmas first, then get a 75 or 15 from Las Palmas.

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