Santa Ana Cathedral

The historic and picturesque district of Vagueta is the oldest part of Las Palmas and is full of beautiful examples of colonial architecture.

Vegueta was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990 because of the importance of it’s historic buildings. A visit to Vegueta is akin to travelling back in time, due to the well maintained nature of it’s cobbled streets and buildings.

The Santa Ana Cathedral is the most important landmark in this part of Las Palmas. Although it’s construction began in the 15th Century, it took 3½ centuries to complete. The development of architecture over those 3½ Centuries can be seen in the Cathedral’s mish-mash of Gothic, Renaissance and Neo-Classical influences.
Inside the Cathedral, the Gothic Retablo above the altar and the Pillars, reminiscent of Canarian Palm Trees, are of particular note.
Attached to the Cathedral is the Museo Diocesano, which now exhibits some Religious Art, but once was home to an authentic Spanish Inquisition.

The Cathedral presides over the Plaza de Santa Ana, which is home to more of Las Palmas’ emblematic buildings; the Palacio Episcopal (Episcopal Palace), the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall), the Casa Regental and the Casas Consistoriales. The square is also home to two Bronze Dogs, made in Belgium, that were placed here during the 19th Century.

Other places of interest in Vegueta:
Museo Canario (Canarian Museum)
Casa Colón (Columbus’ House)
Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (Modern Art Museum)

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