In a place as Cosmopolitan as Gran Canaria, nearly every possible style of food imaginable is on offer, from Asian to Italian, from French to Tex Mex and from Andalucian to Canarian.

Fresh Fish with Papas Arugadas
Fresh Fish with Papas Arugadas

Las Palmas
There are good restaurants in several parts of Las Palmas, some of them (not all) are located in the following areas :Ciudad Jardín, Mesa y López and Las Canteras.

The South
Much of the food available in the centre of Playa del Inglés is cheap fast food or bland International cuisine and you will have no problems finding an English Breakfast for the morning after the night before!
However, outside of the centre of Playa del Inglés, in San Agustin and Meloneras, there are some Restaurants that are at least a lot classier, if still lacking a little in imagination and character.

At San Fernando (behind Playa del Inglés), you can find Tapas Bars and Restaurants serving traditional Canarian and Andalucian Cuisine. You may also get the sensation that you are actually in Spain and (slightly) outside the Tourist Trap, although don’t expect any stunning views.

Fresh Fish
If you fancy sampling some fresh local fish, head for one of the following towns, normally it’s best to ask for the Pescado del Dia (Fresh Fish of the Day).
Aldea de San Nicolás

Canaria Cuisine
A visit to the Canary Islands would not be complete without a visit to a Canarian Restaurant to sample some of the local dishes.

This is the famous Canarian Sauce, usually presented at the table in both green and ged varieties
The Ingredients are garlic, green and red pepper (depending on which type of Mojo) olive oil, vinegar, paprika and salt. Chile peppers can be added for a hotter sauce.

Papas Arrugadas
Potatoes cooked in very salty water.
Boil the potatoes in very salty water – add enough salt so that the potatoes float. When the potatoes are cooked, drain most of the water from the saucepan, but allow the potatoes to sit covered in the saucepan for a few minutes so that the skins become wrinkly.
Normally accompanied by Red and Green Mojo Sauce.

Sancocho Canario
This is Salt Fish (normally soaked overnight in water) boiled together with Sweet Potato and Potato.
Served with Mojo and accompanied by local Wine.

Potaje Canario
Potaje is a thick soup which can just about any type of vegetable along with lentils and/or Maize (everyone has their own recipe).
Peculiar to Gran Canaria is Potaje de Berros (Watercress).

Gofio Canario
Gofio is a toasted coarsely-ground corn flour and was once a staple of the Canary Island’s diet. It can be mixed with Water or Fish Soup to form a paste, although you are more likely to encounter it mixed with Sugar, Almonds and Oil or as an ingredient in Desserts such as Mousse de Gofio.